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Combining light with art, Recta offers products compatible with decoration and architectural structure for indoor and outdoor spaces. Lighting fixtures and products that preserve aesthetic integrity and have functional use are an important part of architecture.

Architectural lighting is a lighting design that emphasizes the aesthetics of the interior or exterior of a building or space, has an atmospheric effect and aims to provide functionally correct lighting. Architectural lighting offers many different options for indoor or outdoor lighting. Luminaires, lamps, and other lighting systems used in architectural lighting are strategically placed to highlight the lines, shapes, and textures of the architectural design. Architectural features are emphasized by using many different techniques such as shadows, point lighting, recessed lighting and LED technology.

In addition to all these, the goal of architectural lighting is to provide the correct lighting to meet the functional requirements of a space. Lighting plans are made in accordance with the function and purpose of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Pelsan transferred its wide product range, quality and experience to new architectural products and brought them together with the Recta brand. Brand new fixtures, such as office fixtures, architectural-decorative, pendant fixtures, spotlights and rail spots, indoor and outdoor wall lamps, garden fixtures, dmx, dmx wallwasher, LED bar, etc., implemented with the assurance of Pelsan, are ready to add elegance to spaces.



Recta is the architectural brand of Pelsan Aydınlatma.

Pelsan, founded in 1982, is one of the largest manufacturers operating in the lighting industry in Turkey. Pelsan lighting designs and produces energy efficient and aesthetic lighting products for interior, exterior and industrial spaces. With a wide range of products; LED lighting offers solutions with tailored lighting systems for street, industrial, decorative, garden lighting and special projects.

It meets all lighting needs with its 3500 product range and 19 product categories. After the lamp product group brand Maxin, which was founded in 2009, and the economic product group brand Tio, which was established in 2020, now the new architectural product brand Recta is here!